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A few words from the chair

Dear Friends,

                                         Une Bonne Année!

           We send you all our very best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2020.

We plan all our events to be enjoyable social events at which you can make new friends and engage with 'older' friends as well as help with building up funds for our Association.  So don't be afraid to invite your own friends to our events - they won't necessarily be expected to join our Association although they will be most welcome!

We are planning a restaurant meal for members and friends in February and we hope to give details of the venue at our meeting on Tuesday 21 January, 7 p.m. in Burnley Town Hall.

Good news: We now have have 4 educational establishments as members of the Twinning:            

  • Shuttleworth College in Padiham has developed a link with Collège Jean Perrin in Vitry. 
  • Burnley College is developing a link with Collège Adolphe Cherriou in Vitry.
  • Ightenhill Primary School is linked with Elémentaire Marcel Cachin in Vitry.
  • Whittlefield Primary is linked with Elémnetaire Eugenie in Vitry.