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What is twinning?

Twinning is a formal connection with a community in another country to build up contacts and promote friendship and a better understanding of each other's country, language and national characteristics.  The original twinning links were set up in 1959 and after a break were re-established in 1996 when twinning charters were exchanged.  The charter document is on display in Burnley Council Chamber.

There are a number of obvious benefits from twinning:-

  • Making friends and visiting them in one's own home
  • Benefiting from the experience of others
  • Broadening horizons by discovering other cultures
  • Helping to foster international understanding

The association also helps where possible to support other groups with related town twinning activities such as school exchanges, sports club visits, specialised cultural visits.  This depends on the needs of individual groups and available resources within BTA.

Walking group visit September, October 2015